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About Us

Eclipse LED was created in 2009. Our company stemmed from the Eclipse Company, a longstanding engineering company with roots in electrical engineering. So, naturally with engineers comes a desire for improvement–in this case On and Off-Road lighting systems.

With staggering electricity prices, durability, and the environment in mind we turned to LEDs for a lighting alternative. We base our LED and HID product innovation on months of research and development. Our products focus around efficient LED and HID lighting systems because that’s what we know best though our many years of trial and experience in those fields. We are dedicated to providing top quality, innovative products for the gardening and off-road community at prices that won’t break the consumer. 

Eclipse LED provides you with more research and data on LED light technology than the common LED retailer. In addition, we ask you to search our site, the web, and other sources to conduct your own research regarding current LED and HID technology in order to be better equipped when and if you decide that this cost-effective, environmentally conscious technology is right for you. 

Please compare our information and prices to all of our competitors’ before making your purchasing decision–you'll begin to understand how these differences equate to better results using less watts with our LED and HID lighting products. We hope this money saving, environmentally conscious illumination alternative will catch on as a standard in all areas of living. At Eclipse LED, testing coupled with modern scientific advancements have led us to create, in others’ and our opinion, superior LED lighting systems. Thank you for considering us for your LED and HID products.