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HID On and Off-Road Lights

Eclipse LED's HID bulbs offer great advantages over the standard automobile and UTV head lights that we are used to. They are up to 3 times brighter than standard halogens. At night this is very crucial because the lack of visibility is the biggest cause of automobile accidents during night time driving. The second biggest advantage is that the viewing radius is increased up to 70 percent! HID light bulbs will have 70% wider road coverage due to the fact they are brighter. They are a lot more durable than halogen lights. They can withstand a greater amount of vibration and shock from the road due to there being no filament, and HID lights consume 25% less power than standard headlights and produce 25% more light.

Far brighter than Stock Halogen lights

               Stock Halogen Lights on the LEFT, HID replacement bulbs on the RIGHT