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LED Torches

There are many benefits associated with using an Eclipse LED flashlight, head lamp, or bike light– one of the biggest is that you will not need to change the batteries as often. When you have a regular lamp with an incandescent bulb you will burn through batteries very quickly. When you have an Eclipse LED lamp you will go through batteries a lot less quickly, ensuring that you will not run out of batteries when you need your lamp most. With an Eclipse LED lamp you can expect the batteries to last for tens or even hundreds of hours while you would only get a couple of continuous hours out of regular lights. Eclipse LED torches are more rugged – If you drop a regular flashlight on the ground or even if you just tap it too hard, you may break the filament in the bulb, which means that it will not work. The LED bulb is able to withstand more of an impact than the incandescent bulb. If you need a new flashlight, headlamp, or bike light you should definitely look into purchasing from Eclipse LED. 

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