The Sun is Gone but I have a Light | Green Movement

Green Movement“The sun is gone, but I have a light” –Kurt Cobain

It’s difficult to imagine another commodity besides light that can hold a candle, pun intended, to the other half of the day, night. The lighting industry is multi-billion dollar revenue with room to stretch its legs. They’re not going anywhere, because neither is darkness. With a problem comes a solution, and with time comes more efficient methods in which to employ that solution.

The efficiency we are perpetually achieving with energy is astounding– how much can we harness in the form of light?

It seems to be a lot, especially with the ‘Green Movement’ in the lighting industry. First stop, LEDs– a powerhouse contender for the most progressive form of modern day light sourcing. With energy costs soaring and the concern for the environment at an all time high, people are looking to efficient lighting as one of the outlets to help pinch pennies and reduce their carbon footprint. With nano-technology and standardized Lumen Testing becoming evermore present in the development of consumer products, LEDs have only made headway in the efficient lighting department.

LEDs are replacing the traditional incandescent and even fluorescent lighting options, not just in commercial applications, but in almost any other field in the lighting industry including, LED automotive lights, LED Bike Lights, LED Flashlights, LED Headlamps, and Off Road LED Lights for UTVs, and even in horticultural applications. It’s hard for modern society to truly appreciate the brilliance behind LEDs and their almost unlimited growth potential. Now that the source for the LED “droop” factor has been discovered and minimized, the restraint on luminous efficacy has been lifted. For “droop” clarification please see “LED efficiency puzzle solved by theorists” article from

Imagine, now you can easily hold the power of 200 candles in the palm of your hand. This may not sound too exciting, but even the headway made in LED Flashlights in the last 5 years is literally a multitude of difference compared to 10 years ago. To really appreciate this jump in lighting technology, just compare your old Mag-Lite® with a 400 or better yet 1600 lumen flashight– you’ll be waiving “goodbye” to the old light before you switch ‘off’ the new one.