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Welcome to Eclipse LED

Eclipse LED Company focuses on eco-friendly LED based lighting sources. The name of the game is efficiency, or achieving maximum production with minimum wasted effort or expense. This falls true for our LED products as well as the way we conduct business. Our products can benefit you in several ways including, affordability, and more importantly, high functioning quality and superb craftsmanship. This logic is applied to all aspects in our company from product development and R&D to customer service and team athlete support program initiatives. Customer service and satisfaction is top priority and this includes attention to detail. Details like our focus on CRI, or Color Rendering Index and optical efficiency when it comes to our LED light output. Doesn’t the way you perceive something seem important, especially if it’s the difference between a rock and a shadow. We apply this logic and attention to detail to all of our products, from our LED Bike Lights, LED Headlamps, LED Flashlights and Off Road LED lights to Lumen Testing.

Eclipse LED Company conducts all of its own testing in its state-of-the-art Photometric Testing Laboratory. In addition to testing all of our own products, we provide rare inexpensive Testing Services to parties interested in testing the performance of their own optical equipment. Our testing is furnished by qualified engineers utilizing ANSI standard testing parameters.

Eclipse LED Company not only has a commitment to the environment and perpetual research and development, but we also know the value of athlete sponsorship as well. Our Team Athlete Program is second to none. Our athletes are given the team discounts based on their level of expertise. These warriors work with our R&D department to give crucial product feedback that helps guide our efforts towards bettering our product line. We are always looking for new athletes to wave the Eclipse LED Company flag. We take pride in the athletes we choose to sponsor because we’re confident that they’re representing Eclipse LED with loyalty and integrity.

If you’re in the business requiring high – grade optical equipment for furthering your sport or leisure, Eclipse LED Company has you covered.